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Heavenly Tour

2021 Heavenly Tour

Welcome to the 2021 Heavenly Tour! that's right its back.  The Heavenly Tour is 9 individual events all coming together with the Heavenly Cup in November.  Players will compete in individual stroke play events once a month starting January 3, 2021.  Events will usually be on one of the first two Sundays of each month. Each event will have Net and Gross divisions with longest drive and closest to the pin prizes.  Players will need to purchase their Heavenly Tour card before they can sign up for each event. Top ten players in both the Net divisions and Gross divisions will receive Heavenly Points and the top 14 players with the most points at the end of the year will qualify for the Heavenly Cup! The Top 6 will also be invited to represent Angel Park in the OB Sports Team Championship!!


Click here to purchase your Tour Card

Once you have purchased your Tour Card you need to register for each event below by clicking the registration link next to the tournament date. Players must be registered no later than the Thursday before the event.

Event Date Time Course
Sunday January 3rd  11am tee times Mountain
Sunday February 14th  11am tee times Palm
Sunday March 7th  12pm tee times Mountain
Sunday April 11th  1:05pm tee times Palm
Sunday May 2nd  1pm tee times Mountain
Sunday June 6th  7am tee times Palm
Sunday July 18th  7am tee times Mountain
Sunday August 1st  7am tee times Palm
Sunday September 19th  10am tee times Mounain Falls Golf Club
Sunday October 3rd - Click to sign up 1pm tee times Mountain
Saturday and Sunday November 6th & 7th 1pm tee times Palm/Mountain

Click on dates to sign up for each event.  **date, time, and course are subject to change**


September 19th Event

Name Gross Net  
Richard Berlin 78 75 1st Gross
Eric Holyoak 80 74 2nd Net
Mel Digitale 80 76 2nd Gross
Jeremy Bradley 81 76 3rd Gross (won with par on #6)
Ed Okuniewski 81 78  
Tim Blanchard 82 75 3rd Net
Greg Gammon 82 78  
Tadzweil Barger 82 70 1st Net
Bill Strayton 83 79  
Doug Wilson 83 78  
Jay Smith 85 79  
Bobby Porter 85 77  
Scotty Andrews 90 80  
Ken Sloan 90 81  
Jeff Rispin 94 88  
Paul Meyer 95 78  
Donny Parker 97 90  
Chad Betts 101 86  
Greg Ladner 103 90  
Patrick Collins 104 83  
Michael Fang  105 88  

Gross Skins $110.00 each.

Player Hole Score
Tadzweil Barger 9 3
Donny Parker 13 3

Net Skins $70.00 each.

Player Hole Score
Ken Sloan 1 2
Tadzweil Barger 9 2
  11 3

Point Standings as of 9/20/21

Richard, Berlin 92
Bradley, Jeremy 90
Holyoak, Eric 87
Strayton, Bill 84.5
Blanchard, Tim 84
Digitale, Mel 82
Okuniewski, Ed 74.5
Wilson, Doug 73.5
Fang, Michael 70
Gammon, Greg 66.5
Andrews, Scotty 64.5
Ladner, Greg 61
Sloan, Ken 61
Meyer,Paul 56.5
Smith, Jay 56
Betts, Chad 52
Collins, Patrick 52
Parker, Don 47.5
Barger, Tadzweil 44.5
Porter, Bobby 41.5
Rispin, Jeff 40.5
Calaveria, Mike 37
Akiyama, Daron 32
DeBusk, Tommy 31.5
Williams,Steve 29
Van Elsis, Ron 26
Stoppard, Wyatt 18.5
Ramos,James 11.5
An, William 11
Herrera, Jeff 10.5
Tabor, Mark 10
Haczkiewicz, Marek 10
Kline, Howard 10
Williams, Ken 9.5
Collins, James 9
Cuthbertson, Tom 7.5
Castillo, Jeff 3
Armstrong,J 3
Lewandowski, Travis 3
Manthey, Michael 0
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