Angel Park Golf Club

Angel Park Skins Game

Weekly Angel Park Skins Games

The skins game is available for anyone and takes place every Tuesday tee times starting at 9:30am. If you have the only low score on a particular hole then you win a portion of the pot. The cost is $44 for OB Cardholders and $54 for Residents. Included in your fee is $10 for the skins game. Skins are paid out the day after with pro shop credit.

Results 3/21/2017 Montain Course

Gross Skins $6.66 each


Golfer Hole # Score
Richard Berlin 8 4
Scotty Andrews 13 4
Bill Strayton 14 4
  17 5
  18 3
Tommy Berger 16 3

Net Skins $5.00 each

Golfer Hole # Score
Scotty Andrews 7 3
  13 3
Ed Sweeny 10 3
Gil Montoya 12 3
  15 2
Bill Strayton 14 3
  17 4
Tommy Berger 16 3


Weekly Rounds with the Staff

"Play with the Staff" are played every Thursday morning tee times starting at 9:30am.  One of our staff members plays with the group and a different game is played each week. It is an opportunity for our members/guests to play with a staff member. Winners are paid out in pro shop credit.